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Advanced Manufacturing and Service Management Research Center, National Tsing Hua University
Advanced Manufacturing and Service Management Research Center, National Tsing Hua University

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About us

IntroductionOrganizationObjectives & Perspectives

★ Introduction

  In order to promote the sustainability of Taiwan’s industry as well as the well beings of the human society, the advanced manufacturing and service management research center (AMSMRC) gathered professors from four different departments and graduate institutes to form a cross-disciplinary team to conduct collaborative research works. The subareas include: design and innovation, manufacturing management, process and quality management, green supply chain, and service management. We focus on 3 research stages: Green industry (2010-2011 as 1st stage), ICT industry (2012-2014 as 2nd stage), Intelligent Manufacturing system (2015-2017 as 3rd stage).

Figure 1 :The framework of the research center



★ Organization

Principal Investigator: Prof. Amy Trappey
Co-PIs: Prof. Chien-Chi Chang, Prof. Chen-Fu Chien, Prof. Trappey, Amy J.C., Prof. Fu-ren Lin
 4 Programs:
1. Innovation & Design:
2.1 Principal Investigator:Chien-Chi Chang
2.2 Programs:Ergonomics and System Innovation in Smart 
Management Enviroment
2.3 Members:
Dr. Chien-Chi Chang, Dr. Eric Min-Yang Wang, Dr. Chih-Hsing Chu Dr. Ming-Chuan ChiuDr. Jun-Ming Lu
2. Manufacturing Management:
3.1 Principal Investigator:Chen-Fu Chien
3.2 Programs:
Research and Development of Foundation Technologies in Internet of Things for Smart Manufacturing
3.3 Members:Dr. Chen-Fu Chien, Dr. Yi-Feng Hung, Dr. Wei-Chang Yeh, Dr. Chien-Wei Wu, Dr. James C. Chen, 
                          Dr. Wheyming Tina Song, Dr. Hsiao-Fan Wang
3. Green Supply Chain:
4.1 Principal Investigator:Amy Trappey
4.2 Programs:Value chain management system for enabling smart manufacturing in the context of Industry 4.0 
4.3 Members:Dr. 
Amy TrappeyDr. Jiang-Liang HouDr. Kuo-Hao Chang, Dr. Chung-Shou Liao, Dr. Lee, Yu-Ching
4. Service Management:
5.1 Principal Investigator:Fu-Ren Lin
5.2 Programs:
Open Innovation in Service
5.3 Members:
Dr. Fu-Ren Lin, Dr. Jyun-Cheng WangDr. Galit Shmeli, Dr. Soumya Ray



★ Objectives & Perspectives


  The members of this team will extend existing collaboration relationships with industries, government, and other research institutions. The focus is to integrate resources of different research centers and laboratories for developing methodologies and technologies of the eco-design chain and the green value chain for green energy industry. Our goal is to lead the advanced development of the green value chain worldwide. The integration plan is described with these two focal points as follows (see the figure below):

The specific research topics of the center:

1. Eco-design chain

1.1 Technology strategy

1.1.1 Enterprise competition & strategy evolution
1.1.2 Inter-organizational innovation

1.2 Innovation & design

1.2.1 Design chain Management & patent analysis
1.2.2 Eco-design based on product configuration
1.2.3 Intelligent factory-sensible ergonomics network

1.3 Process & quality management

1.3.1 Advanced manufacturing strategies & systems
1.3.2 Optimization of manufacturing processes & control


2. Green value chain

2.1 Green supply chain management

2.1.1 Carbon footprint management & appraisal
2.1.2 Green product life-cycle management platform
2.1.3 Framework & interaction model for green industry

2.2 Service management

2.2.1 Innovation mode for green service network
2.2.2 Policies & regulations for technology-driven service innovation



  From a broader perspective, by focusing on the recently emerging green energy industry, our research center hopes to develop the advanced manufacturing, management and service technologies in the value chain to promote the global competitiveness of Taiwan’s green energy industry (and its related industries). Our research center will become a leading research center in this field and be able to support the university in advancing toward world class university status.